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"We have been using BioTech X-ray for some time now, and we have never been disappointed. Working with BioTech is a wonderful experience."
Gina Rooker, PN
Jefferson County Justice Center

About Us

A note from our president and founder

At BTX we take pride in being "the patient first people." The patients' needs are always our first priority. It is more than just a slogan for us. We have worked hard to become the Midwest's best provider of imaging services, delivering the highest quality images and prompt, friendly service with the convenience of bedside delivery.

We hire only registered technologists and do continual training in the latest techniques and equipment. Monthly Quality Assurance meetings monitor the quality of our technologists and radiologists in order to maintain the highest standards. We continually upgrade our equipment to keep up with the latest advances and provide quality imaging that rivals what is provided in fixed settings. Ultrasound and Doppler exams are now available in most of our areas, conveniently consolidating services for our clients.

Through our online systems, physicians and facilities have 24/7 access to order services and view or print their patient reports, images, and invoices. Positive findings on x-rays are phoned promptly on completion of the final reports, which are always faxed to the nursing staff the same day, usually within two hours. And, you can always phone us and talk to a live person who can take your order or resolve any problem.

Tamara Schwartz

Tamara Schwartz
President and Founder
BTX BioTech X-ray

Proud member of the American Portable Diagnostics Association